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Thank you for considering Excel Pest Control for your pest control service!

Please note: We currently only take new clients by referral as we are a mom-and-pop company and believe in exceptional service for our clients. We are therefore usually booked far in advance.

Many homes in this region are being built in or near forested areas. Wood destroying pests like Carpenter ants foraging in and around your home for food and/or water will often choose to establish colonies inside the structure since these items are readily available there. A quarterly perimeter spray will help to disrupt foraging trails and aid in preventing entry by colonies nesting outside your home.

The ADDED BENEFIT of your receiving routine quarterly pest control service for wood destroying pests is that nuisance pests are controlled as well! Nuisance pests usually do not harm people or structures, but are pests because they are unwanted. These include spiders, silverfish, earwigs, centipedes, pillbugs (potato bugs), and ground beetles. Routine perimeter treatments can help relieve problems with these pests, especially for those people living in or near the woods.

Also INCLUDED in this quarterly service are the control of bees, fleas and rodents, if you ever have a problem. All for $90 every 3 months!

Quarterly service provides:

  • Protection from wood-destroying pests
  • Protection against general nuisance pests
  • Reduction of spiders
  • Treatment of bees, fleas and rodents INCLUDED!
  • FREE call-back service

We are often asked, "Are your products safe?" We use a slow-release product that lasts for three months in the environment (thus the quarterly service!) This product is microencapsulated, which offers several benefits, including:

  • Low odor
  • Reduced exposure to non-target organisms
  • Long residual activity allowing for QUARTERLY instead of monthly service
  • High insecticidal activity at low rates

We are different than your average pest control company! Both owners of Excel have a Master of Science degree in Entomology. We have professional experience in the pest control industry, and are educated in the most efficient, state-of-the-art pest control practices. This special training allows us to make informed decisions and design a program that suits your specific needs. Treatment plans include control measures designed to reduce or eliminate pests while minimizing customer concerns over chemicals. Strategies used may include interior/exterior baiting, harborage reduction, repair or exclusion work, and improvements in sanitation. We are not a large national company! We are a local, small business, so YOU get the personal attention YOU deserve.

Excel Pest Control strives to earn your confidence and trust. We pride ourselves on excellent service and competitive prices. Thank you for considering Excel Pest Control as your pest control company! Please contact our office at 895-4284, 373-0333 or 297-6557 should you have questions or would like to schedule service.


South Kitsap
(360) 895-4284

Central Kitsap
(360) 373-0333

North Kitsap
(360) 297-6557


P. O. Box 920,
Seabeck, WA 98380









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