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General Information:

Rats and mice have adapted to live in close association with man, where they damage structures, chew wiring, eat and urinate on human and animal food, and carry many diseases. While these rodents are present around our homes throughout the year, they often become a problem in the fall and winter when they enter homes seeking warmth. [A Rat]Rats and mice have no respect for economic level or status. The two most common rodents encountered in our area are the Norway rat and the house mouse. Both of these rodents are good jumpers, climbers, swimmers and gnawers, which enable them better access to your home. They rely predominantly on smell, taste, touch and hearing as opposed to vision. Rodents memorize specific pathways and use the same routes consistently. They are omnivorous, eating nearly any type of food, including dead and dying members of their own species.

A successful rodent control program requires the following:

  • A thorough inspection and proper ID of rodent species.
  • Harborage reduction and rodent-proofing structures.
  • Baiting and trapping.
  • Monitoring and maintenance baiting.


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